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Personalised flowergirl gifts
Flowergirl Gifts & Wedding Accessories
Any little girl will be excited and delighted to be your flowergirl.  Everything from their pretty dress to their special role will make them feel happy and special.  Treat your flowergirl to a special thank you gift for the perfect finishing touch.  How about a lovely piece of jewellery she can wear on the day and keep for afterwards, or a special Flowergirl keepsake memento that she can treasure for years to come? 

Why not add the perfect finishing touch and add a beautiful hand finished Flowergirl thank you card.
personalised flowergirl gifts
flowergirl gifts
flowergirl cards
Flowergirl Gifts

Pretty flowergirl gifts and keepakes.
Flowergirl Cards

Beautiful hand-finished flowergirl thank you cards.
Personalised Gifts

Treat your flowergirl to a special personalised thankyou gift.
Our personalised flowergirl gifts are a great idea if you are looking for something unique and special.
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The Role of a Flower Girl
If you have several young bridesmaids, the Flower Girl role is usually given to the youngest girl or girls.  As well as looking cute and adorable, your Flower Girl may well carry a little basket of flowers, petals or wedding confetti which she will scatter along the aisle.  The Flower Girl usually follows the Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid up the aisle, ahead of the other bridesmaids, but it is really up to you.  Another lovely idea is to walk up the aisle blowing a little trail of wedding blow bubbles, which is sure to put a smile on her and the other young bridesmaid's faces!.

If you also have a young ring bearer, why not send them up the aisle together?  They will give each other confidence and make your guests sigh with their cuteness- aahh!

If you have a very young flowergirl make sure her parents are sat near the front of the aisle.  That way she has a familiar face to walk towards and can join her parents to sit during the ceremony if she is too small to stand.